Vision & Objective

Our vision is to be one of the preferred providers of quality professional education attracting local and overseas students and imbibe in our students a passion for life-long learning by freely sharing the fruits of knowledge to create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders in increasingly complex global world.

To expand the horizon of world Knowledge ,provide instruction, teaching and learning including writing and reading ,training, research and development at various levels such as Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education.

To design and deliver high quality training, Capacity building and development systems for teachers, teacher educators, teachers in higher and professionals education, Leadership training including political leaders, administrators and development professional working in education and other system.

To collaborate with any other universities, research institutions, non -profit organization, industry associations, professional associations or other organizations to conceptualize, design, exchange programmers for students, faculty members and others.

To disseminate knowledge and develop a public debate on issues of education and allied development fields through series of lectures, seminars, conferences, executive education programmers for students, faculty members and others.

To initiate and undertake programs for the development and training of faculty, researches and support staff of the university in partnership, collaboration, co-operation, joint venture, strategic or any other form of mutually beneficial relationship with any other institutions of similar vision, mission, strategic architecture and objectives.